Triple threat muscle is it the real deal?

Published: 26th May 2010
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Is Triple Threat Muscle The Real Deal?

Alright, you're wondering if triple threat muscle is worth the massive buzz its getting just a week after being launched. Don't worry guys becasue as a personal trainer with 10 years practical experience I'm going to give you the strait story on triple threat muscle.. In this article I'm going to tell you if Jason Ferruggias triple threat muscle is the real deal.

Triple threat muscle is not simply a bunch of rebranded body building crap, it is a serious strength and conditioning system. This will become very obvious from the very beginning as Jason Ferrugias writing style is unapalagetic and brutally honest. If your looking for lean muscle look of a mmafighter or gymnist than triple threat muscle is the type of method for you.

After reviewing the entire triple threat muscle theory and workouts I can tell you it is based on very sound research principles I have used to wonderful effect in my own workouts as well as some of my hard core clients.


It makes sense that triple threat muscle has a more athletic design than most mass gaining workout programs out there. Jason Ferruggia, in case you didn't know already is a highly respected strength and conditioning coach with a clientele that consists of both professional and collegiate atheletes.

"that's wonderful but what about normal guys like me?" you may be wondering. Can a regular guy or recreational athlete actually benefit from this workout?"The answer is yes, triple threat muscle was created with us ordinary guys in mind requiring no special equipment or professional athletes gifted genes.

In an effort to keep this brief and not bore you I can't go into great detail about triple threat muscle. For those of you who are details oriented like I am you can read a complete in depth review here.

Whats the final word on triple threat muscle? I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Triple threat muscle is the most excellent muscle and performance building routine I have seen hit the industry in a very long time. Putting my name on the line to recommend a product doesnt happen very often, hey I got a reputation to uphold. Triple threat muscle by Jason Ferruggia is the real deal, you should have owned it yesterday, so get off the couch and make it happen already!

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